Time Magazine zu Rassismus in Deutschland

Lest euch hier einen englischsprachigen Artikel des Time Magazine zu Rassismus in Deutschland und den aktuellen Protesten durch.
Ein Auszug:
„Aminata Touré, a black state lawmaker from the German Green Party, says this part of German history has been selectively forgotten, allowing anti-black racism to persist in Germany even as it remembers its Nazi past. “I realized many many years ago that this is a problem we have in Germany, that there is racism here,” Touré, who spoke at a protest in Schleswig Holstein on June 6, told TIME over the phone. “I think we are very good at remembering the Holocaust and it’s important that we have this in our school system, but the problem is that we do not talk about the time that we were colonizing African countries,” she said. “A lot of anti-black racism was created at this time. There is little awareness about this problem. There are a lot of people who literally don’t know Germany has such a history, or that we’ve been part of this.”“